Fabric Care Guide

Limitless Top & Reversible Tiered Skirt
Our limitless top and reversible tiered skirt are made from a metallic foil double knit/interlock fabric. 

Fabric Content
96% Polyester, 4% Polyurethane
*Due to the metallic nature of the fabric, it is best to avoid any heat against the fabric*

Washing Guide 
Please machine wash cold on the delicate cycle and hang to dry. We highly recommend using a mesh washing bag to protect the garment, especially if washing with other clothes. 

Ironing & Steaming Guide  
Iron on the "wrong" (non shiny) side of the fabric. Ironing directly on the metallic side will ruin the finish and warp the fabric. *please note that the double tiered skirt has 1 non shiny layer and 1 metallic layer)*

Always place a cotton sheet/pillowcase over the fabric to protect it from heat. 

Use the polyester/medium heat setting.

If steaming, be sure to move the steam around quickly and avoid holding the steam in a single spot for too long.